Flanged Units – Heat Exchangers

Complete heat exchangers and resistor units with flanges for each type of fluid: air, water, gas, oil, steam and aggressive liquids or ad hoc or standard flanges (UNI, ANSI), single and multi-stage. The flanges have full or portioned-off pitches to channel the flows (e.g., heat exchangers) and a hot or cool head.

Flanges come in: carbon steel and stainless steel (304, 316), carbon steel elements, AISI304, 321, 316L, 316L Seamless, copper, Incoloy800. Enclosures with the following protection ratings: IP40, IP55, IP65, IP66, ATEX.
Tanks available upon request, with PED certificate.

Plastic heat exchangers. Customizations are available in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer. Available in PP, PE, PVDF and PTFE. For use in gaseous or liquid fluids (see the section on Electroplating).

Please contact us for any requests.