Flat Heaters and Flexible Cables

Silicone products: known for their flexibility and ease of installation, silicone products provide solutions to problems like ice hazards or thickening of fluids due to the cold temperatures inside industrial drums and piping.

Barrel-heating resistors and heating cables are available in various shapes and sizes, ready to use.

Band resistors are made out of silicone based on customer specifications, also with temperature control, with or without adhesive on one side for easy application.

Our professional flat heaters are made based on customer specifications in mica, mica-coated sheet metal, and ceramic (for use at high temperatures), and with or without insulation.

The band resistors are also available in different section sizes in case of large diameters, with or without a built-in thermostat or thermocouple.

Finishes, bores and electrical outlets as defined by the customer and/or depending on the application.