Single-Tube Resistors

Single-tube single-phase or three-phase resistors, with or without threaded cap, even custom-made. Electrical terminal protection ratings IP40, IP55, IP65, ATEX (by request, if possible). The thread caps can be custom or standard GAS in brass or AISI304 or 316 stainless steel. Our single-tube resistors are used in a wide range of industrial sectors and for residential use. As with all our products, finishes and customizations are agreed upon with the customer on occasion. The single-tube heaters may also be produced with a removable and replaceable thermal core; the casing, if provided with flanged or threaded cap, remains unattached to the tank or reservoir, so that you do not need to empty them if the heater needs to be replaced. Depending on the application and the chemical characteristics of the substances to be heated, it may be necessary to use different casing materials (e.g., aggregates, Pyrex, Teflon, titanium, carbon fiber, porcelain, etc.). Single-tube resistors with a removable thermal core are also available in these materials (see the section on Galvanic Resistors).

Single-Tube Resistor with Armored Parts – Metal Body

Single-tube resistors, used dry or immersed in liquid, with armored parts submerged in MGO and made based on customer specifications with threaded or flange cap. Specific load: depending on the application. Neutral zone: depending on the application Contact protection rating: IP40, IP55, IP65, if any.

Nominal voltage: upon request

Materials available for the resistor parts: – Incoloy 800 (8-10-16mm)
materials available for the external tube: AISI304 or AISI316L
materials available for the threaded caps: stainless steel or brass
flanges: UNI standard or custom-made, in stainless or carbon steel.

Single-Tube Resistors with Removable Thermal Field – Metal Body

Single-tube resistors with removable thermal core, standard or made based on customer specifications, with threaded or flange cap. These resistors are easier to replace (they do not require the emptying of the tanks or reservoirs they are in). Suitable for use in cleaning, chemical degreasing, and food systems. Contact protection rating IP40, 55, 65 – Neutral Zone and other features to be agreed upon +with the customer (please contact our Technical Service Department).